Dakhla Activities - What else is there to do in Dakhla?

Dakhla also offers plenty of activities to do apart from kitesurfing or windsurfing! Perhaps you are traveling with friends who don't do kitesurfing, or you just want a day off to do something different. We can arrange your surf trips, SUP sessions, or a visit to see a bit of the area.

Dakhla offers you plenty of no wind alternatives for the occasional day when the wind is not blowing. Choose to go for a surf, a visit to the white dune, a trip taste some of the local oysters, or a visit to the local market. 
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Stand Up Paddle:

Dakhla offers some great spots for SUP. You can choose to cruise around the lagoon in the flat water, and if you are lucking you might share your session with some of the dolphins! The SUP is a nice way to explore around the lagoon, and have a good time on the occasions when there is little wind. Of course, you can also try some Stand up paddle in the waves on the Ocean side, which is recommended for the more advanced surfers.


Desert Excursions:

We offer a variety of excursions and trips for the days when you feel like doing something a bit different, and exploring the area a little! We can arrange rental of a 4x4 with driver and guide to take you around to see what Dakhla has to offer….. go and check out the beautiful White dune, have a thermal shower in ‘La Source’ , the natural hot spring, check out the Oyster Farm and try the fantastic oysters that Dakhla is well known for, or go and check out some of the beaches on the Ocean side. Prices start from 15 euros per person. We can personalize your excursions to suit the needs of you and your group.



Dakhla Surfing: 

Dakhla is not only a flat water lagoon! We also have many great ocean wave spots located just a 5 - 20 minute drive from the Dakhla Spirit camp.

We offer a transfer to the Dakhla wave spot for 15 Euros per person (minimum 4 people) 

The Dakhla surf spot is a great no wind alternative but also works extremely well as a kitesurf spot on windy days. 

Please contact us for more information on the Dakhla wave spots.